Sunday, January 11, 2015

5th Blog Post

Hello Again,

      Over Christmas break, my project came to a halting stop for a little over a two week span. I am not going to sugarcoat it, but little progress was made.  Although I was not productive with the time I had over the break, my goal is still in reach, ready for the taking. What I learned from the unproductive two- week period is that when working on an important project/goal, staying focused and motivated is crucial.

       On a recent road trip, with the help of my mother and aunt, I will be making some drastic changes that I believe will make my project more successful for the long run. While discussing the project to my mother and aunt, my mother suggested that I should raffle away a ticket to Greece on my website. (If my website becomes a huge hit.....) Since my website would not bring any money, I have decided to do a weekly wrap-up of the best points/arguments on YouTube...(top comments). This could help bring in money that could eventually raise my project to a new level. I have decided to combine my culture/chatroom website into one that starts with Greece. Greek Americans and the people from Greece will discuss/debate their views on different topics. These topics will include economy, politics, current events etc. If it goes well with the Greek- Americans and people of Greece, I will expand so other ethnic people can comment on their country's topics. This would truly demonstrate the different views first between Greek- Americans and the people of Greece, then the Spanish-Americans and people of Spain, and so on.... Most importantly, this website will eventually unite people by providing communication and a greater awareness of other's prospective. (to the current event/topic).

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