Monday, February 23, 2015

8th Blog Post

Hello Again,

Almost into March, the number of people for my website has stalled at around 10. Although I am happy to have 10 followers so far, I want to continue my progression. I hope I can get back on track, even though I know this is going to be part of the long process. As I continue to think about topics, the world keeps giving me topics every week. At this time, the world is a wild place, and there is always something interesting to debate about. I will not release my website until I "jumpstart" it and complete the finishing touches. March will be a crucial month for me.

Monday, February 9, 2015

7th Blog Post

Hello Again,

This past week, I contacted my older cousin and asked him if he had any suggestions for my website. My cousin, who will most likely be my first commenter, knows a lot about current affairs/events which could be very helpful  in selecting my question of the week for different countries. I believe that starting off with Greece as my first country to comment on will jump-start my project because I know many Greeks who will want to comment on my website. My goal is to have over 40 commenters by the beginning of March. As I continue to spread the word about my website, I will start to think of the questions for the commenters to debate on....which will hopefully keep their interest weekly.