Sunday, May 10, 2015

Final Blog Post

Hello Again,

  Since this the final blog post of the year, I just wanted to take a step back and reflect on my project that I have worked on throughout the year. Through all the ups and downs, I feel that whatever goal I put out there is more reachable with hard work and determination. What I believe went well in my project was the fact that I consistently made strides. Even though there were times I stalled, over the whole year, I truly accomplished a lot. Being able to improve my project was very important, along with the many different ideas that were accomplished.

On the other hand, knowing that we don't have to completely finish our project by the end of the year, I at times struggled to motivate myself as the end of the school year is approaching. After the 20Time Talk is complete, I plan to continue working on my project. I know that it is an ongoing process and I will continue to try to make strides once the year is over. Self motivation is a very important part of a year long project. I would change how I motivated myself. If I had to do it over from the start, I would write down what I would want to accomplish for each week. With my busy schedule, I could have broken it down better, instead of doing my project in big chunks. Since I plan on working on my project over the summer, this year taught me how to improve on my strategies for my project. Making mistakes is all part of the process, which is important because I can build on those mistakes for the future.

What I learned through doing this project is that when you attempt a long term goal, the most important element is mental preparation. Being mentally prepared can keep you motivated for the long term and even encourage you. This 20Time project has encouraged me to believe that if I work hard and put my best effort towards it, any goal can be accomplished. If you really want to achieve something great, it will never  come easy. Although, if you are truly passionate about something and willing to work hard, great things/ goals can be achieved.

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